My favorite fashion blogger!

Hey y’all, as a local Austinite I love finding out about new places in town, it gives me the opportunity to branch out from my usual spots. Olivia., an Austin blogger, is amazing because she is always up to date on new trends around the town! If you’re into being fashionable, you’re going to love her because her outfits are always on point! I love how she always stays up to date with everything and posts consistently. It’s crucial to stay active with your followers because we are here to support you in what you are doing. I follow so many bloggers and I always get inspired by seeing their content everyday. 



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I’m consistently active on Instagram and it’s where I get most of my inspiration from. If I need some motivation to look my best I know I can always count on Olivia. The way her outfits are styled are unique and totally fit the Austin vibe we have in our city. In the summer, she posted some mint green and white Nike shoes on Instagram . I instantly knew I had to have them so I bought them that day! I got them in the white and black version!

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Olivia’s at the bottom, mine above.

The way that your images are set up are what attract people to like your content. Finding the right angle and lighting is what makes your image shine. (Just look at the image above)Olivia achieves that very well and her Instagram looks well organized because of this. Stating where you got your pieces is also the key to keeping your followers happy. We see you wear/use something and it motivates us to use the exact same thing! When I like one of her posts, I get an e-mail directing me to all her links. She also links all her pieces on her blog and it’s easily accessible to find. Us followers are very appreciative, thank you Olivia!!


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How cute is this casual outfit?! Comfort is always the key, and she makes this look easily fashionable. She’s a newly wed too! If you’re a bride to be check her stuff out because it will definitely give you some ideas for the big day!


Instagram: @livvylandblog

Seeing Olivia’s consistent activity every day, did give me some motivation to start this blog! I hope you guys enjoyed taking a look into one of my favorite blogs to follow. Make sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up with her style!

Till next time…..
itsdeliaaa 🙂

4 thoughts on “My favorite fashion blogger!”

  1. First off, hello fellow Austinite!!🙂 Second, ohh my goodness, you are SO sweet! What a wonderful post – I am so thankful for you and for your support, it means more than I can express! I love to hear that you enjoy my content and style, it’s posts like this that keep me motivated! Congrats on starting a blog & enjoy it every step of the way!! XOXO!


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