Back at it again!

Hey y’all itsdeliaaa here again! Sorry I’ve been MIA life just got in the way! I just started my first semester at Texas State, and I intend on continuing this journey with a new approach! I love beauty and fashion, I want it to be a huge impact in my life. As an early 20’s young woman my style is always changing in fun ways! I like to express myself in the way that I style my clothes. I can go from girly to sophisticated to edgy and then to bohemian all in one week. This is my favorite way of letting people see a glimpse of my personality.



This is one of my favorite casual looks from Easter!

Jeans- (jeans)

Shoes- (these are similar)

Necklace – Charlotte Russe

Blouse- Marshall’s

I also want to share my travels, interests, and just life in general in this space. It doesn’t all have to pertain strictly to beauty. In this place we’re going to have a little bit of everything! One of my favorite ways to stay active is to be outdoors and enjoy the sun. I feel at peace when I’m outdoors moving around and getting some fresh air. 



The 360 bridge in Austin! One of my favorite places to hike! I sported a casual look, with a tank top, shorts, and classic TOMS!

Shirt- Marshall’s


Shoes- (they’re on sale right now!!!)

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

I love this light denim off the shoulder top, it’s so simple and effortless. Layering necklaces if a fun way of incorporating two different pieces together.

Blouse- Marshall’s

Necklace’s –

I hope to meet other women and men who love all things beauty and fashion as much as I do! Experimenting with new trends is always fun and it’s an essential part in engaging with new people and brands. I’m excited for this journey to finally start filled with awesome opportunities coming my way. Stay tuned for more posts, and follow me on my social media sites to stay connected with me!

itsdeliaaa 🙂





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