Blues on the green

Oh sweet summer time. School is finally out and the only thing that matters is hanging by the pool and seeing friends! One of my favorite events in Austin is Blues on the green at Zilker Park! It happens about 4 times during the summer and in my opinion, is the best thing ever! I mean, who doesn’t love listening to music on a summer night surrounded by your best friends! I always pack a picnic, blanket (an essential), and occasionally enjoy a beer or two! You definitely feel the Austin vibe in the summer air. Music starts at 8, but always make sure to get there early to get the best spot on the park! Once the sun goes down and cools down a little bit the night gets started! I first attended this event in 2014 and have been returning ever since! In 2015 my boyfriend and I managed to attend every one! We for sure intended on doing the same in 2016!IMG_3152IMG_3155

The first two pics were taken in May at the first blues of summer 2016! Jimmy Vaughn did an awesome job and the crowd was great! I love the blue fringe vest I wore and paired it with a simple white crop top, light wash denim shorts, and some tan booties!



June 22nd was the latest blues and it was as great as expected! Actually eve better, the weather was just right. You could still enjoy the sweet sun but there was also a breeze that made things so much better! Austin’s own wild child was one of the performances and the did not disappoint!


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