Just your typical 21 year old

Hey y’all, itsdeliaa here! I’ve always had a passion for writing even  though I’m not that great at it, but hey its okay! I want this space to be my own little comfort zone where I can literally talk about anything I want. I recently turned 21 (May 3rd to be exact), and I’ve come to the realization that this is my time to break from my shell and be free as my own and start a new chapter and live my new adult life! I mean I’m still a child who has a million stuffed animals on her bed and freaks out when a new Disney movie comes out. Anyways I want to start sharing my experiences and passion with the world, whether it be fashion, food, travel, or home related, I am ready to start this journey!


This was my 21st birthday in Las Vegas! (I’ll post about my trip later on)

I wanted to be casual and just sported black pants, simple white tank, and trusty converse!


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